Let's turn your creativity into a thriving business (without the overwhelm)

Building a successful business on your creative skill set doesn’t have to be complicated, nerve-wracking or overwhelming. It can be fun!

Why I know that? Because I have done it myself.

And now I want to teach you do it, too.

My Creative Business Story

When I came out of college I decided being a self-employed designer would be great fun. Just, that in fact, it wasn’t. I was living the typical ‘burnt-out creative trying to earn money doing what she loves’ life.

(And, girl, was I trying hard.)

Until, last year, as I discovered what really makes a creative
business, you know, a real business.


Hi, I'm Jenna!

In less than twelve months I went from broke and overwhelmed designer to six-figure creative entrepreneur. Not counting in the five long years I was trying more than actually doing business. Let me save you these years and give you a headstart with my Confident & Creative framework.